Meet Joshua Hetzler
Joshua Hetzler remembers being in elementary school when he worked on his first roof with his father.  With now over 15 years in the profession, Joshua Hetzler is the local contractor you can rely on for quality and honesty.  Josh is a family man who continuously gives back to his community through his business and personal time. 

Community Involvement
Joshua Hetzler currently serves as a Fall River Firefighter and previously served in the military.  Josh has been an avid volunteer in the Fall River Public Schools, serving on PTO’s and School Improvement Councils, while being selected for the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council.  He runs numerous fundraisers and events in the schools and with Fall River Youth Soccer and has been awarded the American Dream Challenge Parent Recognition award several times. Josh is also the Co-Founder of the Healthy Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to placing AEDs, promoting CPR, and organizing events that promote healthy hearts in our community, especially for children.

Our Crew
Our crew at Joshua Hetzler, General Contractor, operates on 3 basic principles: Safety, Quality, and Efficiency

Safety- is not only a factor for the crew members, but for the homeowner and anyone within the vicinity of the work being done.  Safety is the most important aspect of the job.
Quality- is what you deserve, and it all starts with protecting your property while work is being done.  Performing work according to manufacturers’ and local building codes’ specifications is the next step to ensuring top notch quality.  When the job is done, our expectation is your property will look better than when we arrived.  We stand by our workmanship.
Efficiency- is a priority in order to ensure your life is disturbed minimally while work is being done.  We aim to quickly and proficiently complete your job because no one appreciates prolonged construction.


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